Event Time: 7:30pm / Event Location: Copper Fiddle Distillery

Three Off The Leash, a group that encourages the audience to participate in the show is comprised of three seasoned musicians performing a variety of music; classic pop/rock, blues, Americana, Standards and more. Featuring:  Indie recording artist, and Billboard Award Winner, Dawn O’Keefe Williams on vocals is also the bandleader for Three Off The Leash as well as her other group, The Lucky Dogs.  Danny Doyle, the guitarist has performed with Buddy Love, The Lucky Dogs and studied under legendary guitarist Mark Wydra.  Scotty Carlton: saxophone/bass/flute/harmonica/percussion.  Has played sax for over 50 years; studied under Henry Mancini as a youth; recorded with Elvis’ drummer Sun Studios, Memphis.

Three Off The Leash Blog:  http://dawnanddandoyle.blogspot.com