We do not serve food.  Please feel free to bring food from your favorite restaurant or order food in (we proudly partner with Franco’s Pescheria every day except Sundays).

No people under the age of 18 are allowed after 7pm.  People under 21 are allowed to enter prior to that time, but are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages.

Due to Illinois state law, we can only serve alcoholic products we produce on-premise.

Our Bourbon Whiskey is aged in small 15 gallon barrels, which improves the aging process considerably.

Our clear Fiddle Gin is NOT a London Dry gin, rather, a Dutch-style “genever” gin. If you do not like gin’s “piney” qualities, you may like our Fiddle Gin, aged in whiskey barrels for 6 – 8 weeks, which gives it the deep color and unique flavor.

You are welcome to bring food in to eat or order from Franco’s Pescheria and they will deliver.  Click HERE for their menu

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