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Special thanks to Nancy at Copper Fiddle for getting this to me. Jose Hernandez and Fred Robinson, an architect and a PGA professional, started this distillery in 2012 using a 13 gallon stainless steel still. After many attempts, Jose created a bourbon whiskey and two gin recipes that had their friends and family singing hispraises.The Name, Copper Fiddle Distillery comes from the handmade copper pot they use to distill all their spirits. The “Fiddle” is from a family heirloom violin made in 1906. Their spirits, just like the violin get better with age. All of their spirits are handmade; grain to bottle, at their facility in Lake Zurich, IL.

This was really a nice adventure. The way this begins and the way it ends are so vastly different. I was almost put off by the way this started. I will say that at first sip you want to write it off as a nice try and move on, but this is where the story begins.

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