Had a great time today at Copper Fiddle. The tour was very interesting and informative. The spirits tasted great. Fun to sit and have food delivered and enjoy a locally crafted drink. The staff was so nice and friendly.

Sarah F. -

Great bourbon; great cocktails; great staff. Happy to have this distillery in our own backyard.

Randy A. -

No better place to have a great cocktail and to listen to some outstanding musicians.

Jack K. -

This place is super cool and  I didn’t realize they had a big back room for music! I’m definitely coming back here for some tunes and a tasty beverage.

Joe P. -

First time here and it was amazing. Sampled all their spirits and the rums won out. This was their first batch. Their boozy lemonade is so refreshing.

Jay S. -

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when we walked into the place and they had such a limited selection of choices, but WOW…..the magic a talented mixologist can do with those three basic ingredients.  Everyone in our party ended up with an exotic concoction customized to their taste buds.

The atmosphere is wonderful and welcoming.  Every time we visit the area, Copper Fiddle has to be one of our stops.

Debbie F. -

My wife and I visited on a night with live music, we were blown away. The music was great and the bartender was wonderful, we just asked him to surprise us with a new drink and each one was great! We will definitely return on a night with live music!

Eric B -

I went to the BYOB (Bottle Your Own Bourbon) weekend and it was such fun. Got to bottle my very own and hung around for a few cocktails made by Travis. Both Fred and Jose were awesome with their hospitality. Will definitely come back with a few more friends next time.

GoGreen -

We visited on Saturday. These guys are the real deal and their spirits are unique and awesome. The tour was informative and really interesting. The owners awe very down to earth and very passionate about their craft. Travis is the bartender and his creative skills are impressive. If you do to stop in here for a cocktail. You are missing out!

Deborah Swambar -

Really like this place! What’s more to love than a couple guys following their passion. Locally inspired! Locally owned! The bourbon and gin are terrific! It’s awesome to look over my shoulder and see the copper still in the back while several people are showing up off the beaten path! Also love talking with the owners…lots of handshakes and people interacting in a good comfortable environment. Definitely coming back to this place, and taking a bottle back to the house.

Ron H. -