cocktail menu

Cocktail Menu




#1Rock BottomBourbon Whiskey, Tom Gin, Fiddle Gin, or Gold Rum, in a Customized Rocks Glass
#2Copper Fiddle MuleChoice of: Bourbon Whiskey, Tom Gin, or Fiddle Gin, with Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, and
Fresh Lime Wedge
#3Fiddle ManhattanBourbon Whiskey or Tom Gin, Apple Juice, Maraschino Cherry Juice, Bitters, Cherry Garnish
#4Classic Old FashionedBourbon Whiskey or Tom Gin, Muddled Orange, Cherry, Sugar, Bitters, Topped with Soda Water
#5Old Time ReligionBourbon Whiskey, Ginger Ale, and Fresh Lime
#6Fiddle CosmoFiddle Gin, Cranberry Juice, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime, Lemon and Orange Squeeze
#7Bee’s KneesFiddle Gin, Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Lemon Garnish
#8Creamy TommyBarrel Aged Tom Gin, Cream Soda, Orange Bitters, Fresh Orange Slice
#9Tom Cat SourBarrel Aged Tom Gin, Orange Juice, and Lemonade
#10Hot MaryFiddle Gin and/or Fyren Gin, McClure’s Fresh Bloody Mary Mix, Bartender’s Garnish
#11Rasmint-TazBlend of Fyren Gin and Fiddle Gin, Raspberry Syrup, Fresh Mint and Lemon, Splash of Soda Water
#12Sweet HeatFyren Gin, Fresh Mint, Lime Juice, and Sugar…..think spicy Martini
#13MojitoSilver Rum, lots of Fresh Mint, Sugar, Splash of Soda Water
#14Dark & StormyGold Rum, Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime Juice
#15Mai TaiGold and Silver Rum, Orange and Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, Cherry Garnish
#16Bartender’s ChallengeYou Ask…...We Create