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Fiddle Gin

Our Fiddle Gin was conceived to expand the American gin drinker’s palette by introducing them to a Genever Dutch-Style Gin; the very first gin.   Fiddle Gin is our American interpretation on a Genever style gin that is softer, more complex and flavorful than your typical London Dry style. In creating this product, we utilize a combination of grain mash and seven vapor infused botanicals.

Distilled in an American made multi-section reflux column still from Colorado, with a gin basket at the top of the column, the natural botanicals are vapor infused before being condensed back into the liquid libation we call Fiddle Gin. The result is a flavorful complex gin that can be had neat, or on the rocks with a slice of your favorite citrus peel. Our Fiddle Gin is perfectly suited to a classic Martini or any number of Martini derivative cocktails such as the Cosmo. Feel free to experiment, since our gin is an excellent substitute for vodka, absent the heavy pine taste of a London Dry gin.  


92 Proof

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Awarded the Silver Medal by the American Distilling Institute.     

Awarded the Bronze Medal by the American Craft Spirits Association.      

Small Batch | Hand Crafted