Imagine walking down an 1800’s city street in London, England and you come across a local pub. Displayed outside the pub entrance is a wood carving of a black Tom Cat. You immediately knew that local Tom Gin was available. Whisper through a hole in the wall to the barkeep that you wanted a full measure, pass through your payment, and you were served with the locally distilled libation. However each Tom Gin was distilled differently. Some were clear, some were made from neutral spirit and others were made from a grain mash, which was then barreled, transported and stored in old whiskey, sherry or even port barrels until being dispensed.

When people see our Tom Gin for the first time they are totally perplexed; a brown, barrel aged gin?   Our idea was to re-introduce this long forgotten pre-prohibition style of gin to the public and re-establish a cask-aged gin as a staple on the shelves of bars, retailers and homes.

At Copper Fiddle Distillery we have created our version of  Tom Gin made from a grain mash and infused with seven botanicals. We then briefly store it in our once used whiskey barrels to pick up the color and flavor of the previously bourbon soaked wood.

The result is what we consider to be a whiskey drinker’s gin. Enjoy our variation of Tom Gin neat, on the rocks with a heavy slice of orange peel or maybe in the old pre-prohibition drink called the Martinez, the precursor to the Martini.