Silver Rum - Copper Fiddle DistillerySilver Rum


80 Proof

Copper Fiddle Distillery Silver Rum is made from the finest cane sugar and blackstrap molasses available. It is distilled the traditional way in our American made solid copper pot still utilizing the hearts of each run.

Our Silver Rum is more flavorful on the palette than most other clear rums since we utilize blackstrap molasses in our fermentation process. Blackstrap molasses is the “third boiling” of sugar cane juice, in which cane sugar is extracted from the raw sugar cane. What’s left after this boiling is a thick, almost tar like semi-sweet molasses which is perfect for the production of more intensely flavored rum.

Silky and buttery, this Silver Rum is the perfect spirit ingredient to your island drink while you sit outside on that hot summer day. What a refresher; pour it into your Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke, with the squeeze of a fresh quartered lime) or a Mojito. Either way, you’ll have fun coming up with ways to enjoy this flavorful Silver Rum.

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