Fyren Gin (pronounced Fire Engine)

Well what can we say…Copper Fiddle Distillery has created a very unique and new style of gin that will take the cocktail scene by storm. Fyren Gin is the collaboration of the brain trust here at our distillery to create something totally new to be experienced by lovers of spirits and spice the world over.

As culinary lovers of spicy food we wanted something similar to experience in the world of spirits. Gin, specifically Genever-Style gin, already has a notable number of botanicals and general “softness” of flavor allowing it to be molded by bartenders into a variety of both sweet and savory cocktails. In our opinion, the one missing element that could bring together both the savory and sweet, as it does in the culinary world, is spice, as in hot spice. After much experimentation we settled on the serrano pepper as our added botanical of choice, which when charred, roasted and gill cut by hand, provides the perfect balance of flavor and heat when combined with the botanicals in our Fiddle Gin. We add a single serrano pepper to each bottle while adjusting our original Fiddle Gin botanical recipe to better balance the heat.

Sky’s the limit with the use of Fyren Gin in cocktails!! Bloody Marys, Cosmo varieties, Martinis, you name it, all are reinvented and improved with our Fyren Gin. If you find it a little too hot, step it down with our Fiddle Gin. Either way you will be enjoying a brand new experience in the world of craft cocktails.

That said, there is one drink that Fyren Gin is perfectly made for; “ The “Red Snapper”. Its historical origins date back to post-prohibition New York City, when a French barman extraordinaire, Fernand “Pete” Petiot, left Harry’s Bar in Paris for the King Cole Room at the St. Regis Hotel in NYC. When he brought the drink to New York, Petiot was forced to swap out the vodka, which was hard to come by in the U.S., for gin. The Astor family, which owned the St. Regis, deemed the name Bloody Mary far too gory and déclassé for high society. So the Red Snapper was born.

Alas, if only Fernand Petiot had some Fyren Gin. Give it a try. It may become your go to brunch drink as well.